Clear Aligners | Invisible aligners | transparent aligners

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Clear aligners | Invisible Aligners | Transparent aligners

Clear Aligners / Invisible aligners / transparent aligners are removable, medical grade plastic appliances which patient wears instead of brackets and wires to correct malocclusion. Dental aligners are a modern alternative to braces, for teeth that are in need of straightening.

A Clear change to the concept of Cosmetic and Adult Orthodontic treatment without using conventional methods of wires and brackets. Adults wouldn’t have asked for a better choice to correct their malocclusion without social inhibitions.

Clear Aligners also offer predictable results visualization even before the treatment Clear Aligners are clear removable cosmetic appliance designed for minor teeth movement of patients.

There are various Companies that offer Clear Aligners lab support to the Orthodontists like Invisalign, ClearPath, KLINE, Inman Aligners etc. All these companies are located out of India and the aligners are fabricated in their respective units.

Although some general BDS dentists also offer clear aligners, Orthodontic Specialists with MDS in Orthodontists are the qualified and trained doctors to treat malocclusions using clear aligners. Please ask for Indian Orthodontic Society Registration before getting any type of teeth alignment therapy from any dentist.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear Aligners are substitute to traditional braces and are made to help guide teeth into their real position. Like braces, clear aligners also use a tool that controls tooth movement, but without those ugly metal braces. The aligners are made of a medical grade plastic material and are designed to fit each individual’s mouth. If a number of aligners are made, each aligner moves the teeth a little till the final desired positions is achieved.

Dental aligners are supposed to be worn for atleast of minimum 20 hours a day to reach the desired results. Each aligner is worn for two weeks before switching to the next one. The length of treatment with dental aligners depend upon the complexity of the case. Normally, aligner treatment can be as short as three months or as long as 48 months as well. But inspite of this, it is a much shorter treatment than traditional braces.

Watch a video on how non proprietary clear aligners work…

This video shows just one of the technologies used for clear aligner therapy. The treatment you opt for might work on a different technology.

How do Clear Aligners work?

Clear orthodontic aligners are a substitute to traditional braces that are used to move the teeth and alter your smile without much intervention to your daily routine life. These are removable trays made of a clear plastic which is nearly invisible.

When using aligners, a series of slightly different trays are tailor-made in order to fit over your teeth. You must wear each one for a period of 20 hours a day for two weeks before switching to the next in the line. The aligners are computer generated, fabricated by top notch techniques that based on models and images of your own teeth.

Advantages of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners

There are several benefits to using clear aligners:

  • Since Clear aligners are removable, so it is easier to brush and floss after meals
  • Clear aligners are easier to maintain and clean
  • Clear aligners are cozy and do not irritate your gums and cheeks

Disadvantages of Invisible aligners

  • Can’t be used for all cases. Can only be used to treat mild malocclusion cases.
  • Cant be used for an uncooperative or unmotivated patient.
  • High Treatment costs and complete upfront payments.
  • Increased potential for tooth decay if oral hygiene is not maintained

Cost of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners can be expensive. They are all fabricated using 3D technology out of India. The cost usually varies from about 1-1.5L.

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