About SmileMax Dentistry Dental Clinic

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SmileMax Dentistry Dental Clinic

At Smilemax Dentistry, our goal is to ensure that our patients receive the best in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and patient education and to help you and your family to create and maintain a beautiful healthy smile that you will be proud to show.

Whether you are seeking a complete smile makeover or a simple tooth extraction/pain relief or just want some information or second opinion, our friendly dentists are always ready to help.

In addition to complete family general dentistry, advanced dental treatments like dental implants, metal free all ceramic veneers & crowns, precious metal crowns, flexible valplast dentures, dental sealants, root canal treatment under rubber-dental dam , gum treatment – bone grafting, tooth coloured braces, tooth coloured fillings – tooth bonding, inlay,onlay, tooth whitening, fluoride application, stainless steel crowns (pediatric), etc. are all carried out with effective and efficient Autoclave based sterilization.

We also have in-house facilities for ‘Computer Guided Dental Implantology‘ and please click here to know more about it.

Please feel free to browse our website and explore the contents of our various sections. If you have any private queries and/or wish for an appointment with us, write us a private e-mail or drop us a line from our Feedback page.

Our calendar provides information on our upcoming holidays and events of importance which may help you in planning your visit.

Our Profile

“SmileMax Dentistry Dental Clinic” first opened its doors in 2011 at Rani Bagh, Pitampura, New Delhi.

Our Dental Clinic & Dental Implants Centre, at Rani Bagh, Pitampura additionally boasts of a Wi-Fi Hotspot wherein free wi-fi broadband internet access is available to our patients and visitors only.

Our clinic is professionally managed, and boasts of modern dental equipment, professional, trained staff and maintaining international standards of care.

Our Dentists:

Dr. Vimal Thareja MDS(Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics), BDS


Visiting Specialists in Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial Surgery & Periodontics


To know more about our dentists and SmileMax Dentistry, or what our patients say about us, please click on the relevant sections.